• "Hear My Voice"
    "Hear My Voice"
    Frist Place winner, Art Bravo - Feb 2017
  • "Sailors Dream"
    "Sailors Dream"
    First Place winner, Continuum - Jan 2017
  • "Welcome to My World"
    "Welcome to My World"
    Rossetti Fine Art Gallery - Dec 2016
  • Art Explosion, Arts United - Jan 2017
  • "Let The Show Begin"
    "Let The Show Begin"
    Best in 3D winner, Arts United - Jan 2017
  • "Hear My Voice"
    "Hear My Voice"
    Honorable Mention, Coral Springs Museum of Art - Feb 2016
  • "Here I Am"
    "Here I Am"
    Honorable Mention, Florida CraftArt Gallery - May 2016
  • "Say No More"
    "Say No More"
    First Place Award winner, National Association of Women Artists - Dec 2016